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#899 Add shapes grid view jeroens assessed normal feature
#1027 Forcing functions should only show the number of Ecosim years jeroens assessed normal feature
#1028 Shape sketch pads X-axis label placements are incorrect jeroens assessed normal minor
#1029 Ecosim Forcing Function do not save data past 100 years assessed normal minor
#1030 Change shape form should show the name of the shape that is being edited jeroens assessed normal tweak
#1031 Mediation and Price Elasticity shape clip X axis to number of Ecosim year NOT SET normal minor
#1032 Mediation shape no longer seem to show the Ecopath baseline NOT SET normal minor
#1036 Group plots not workingin Ecosim cathyb not assessed normal minor
#1039 Save Ecosim to CSV should export only visible plots jeroens assessed normal feature
#1041 Fleet statistics missing when editing all fleets effort jeroens assessed normal major
#1049 Vulnerabilities search should only affect coloured blocks assessed normal feature
#1064 Sum of Squares value might be wrong in EwE 6.2 ekina NOT SET normal 6.3.1 minor
#1094 Ecosim allocates fishing mortality from fishing effort wrongly assessed normal major
#1107 Ecosim is limited to 100 groups joeb assessed normal major
#1129 Group SS shown in Run Ecosim is unclear jeroens assessed normal minor
#1130 Add SS contribution display jeroens assessed normal feature
#1140 Name label misleading in apply egg production grid assessed normal tweak
#1141 Seasonal shape sketchpads are missing month labels jeroens assessed normal minor
#959 Add Value plots to Ecosim Plots assessed low feature
#1057 Saving Ecosim to CSV does not save Value jeroens assessed low feature
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