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#1017 Ecosim parameters "Nutrient proportion of free nutrients" should not be a up-down control assessed high tweak
#1148 Ecosim CSV results differ from Network Analysis jeroens assessed high major
#586 Equilibrium analysis: MSY assessed normal feature
#1136 Ecosim plot catch by fleet is inconsistent assessed normal major
#1149 Add 'All' option to Ecosim plots dropdown jeroens assessed normal tweak
#1154 Ecosim plots do not properly reflect catches villyc assessed normal major
#1155 Ecosim group plots do not show driving F time series assessed normal minor
#1165 Cannot apply both FF and MedF to Ecosim jeroens assessed normal minor
#1173 Add Ecosim tool to trim forcing functions jeroens assessed normal tweak
#1174 Shape grids show wrong time scales jeroens assessed normal minor
#1175 Predator and prey order reversed in Ecosim plots jeroens assessed normal minor
#1180 Ecosim Detritus Groups interface not highlighting correctly jeroens NOT SET normal minor
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