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#823 Import time series may lead to corrupted Ecosim model jeroens assessed urgent block
#467 Fishing Policy Search giving unpredictable results jeroens assessed normal minor
#737 Ecosim Fishing Mort timeseries and sketched effort assessed normal major
#745 Ecosim FiB index is wrong jeroens assessed normal minor
#751 ecosim group plots only shows forced catches not assessed normal major
#752 Ecosim Results should not show Cost when catch is forced assessed normal feature
#753 Ecosim plots multiple time series cannot be distinguished jeroens assessed normal tweak
#757 Last value of manual changes to Time series not saved jeroens assessed normal major
#763 Time series confusion in EwE jeroens assessed normal minor
#766 Average weight for multistanza assessed normal major
#769 Cannot apply mediation and FF to same group jeroens assessed normal minor
#770 time series-pasting values into new timeseries gives wrong last number assessed normal major
#773 Vulnerabilties all turn to 2 when copied into excel jeroens assessed normal minor
#780 Cannot disable Forcing Timeseries jeroens NOT SET normal minor
#784 Ecosim may throw an assertion when editing fleet size dynamics jeroens assessed normal major
#789 Ecosim "Reset all" fails to set time series enabled/disabled flag jeroens assessed normal minor
#810 Ecosim throws an error on invalid pred/prey assignments joeb assessed normal minor
#817 Ecosim fishing mort. and catch plots are not correct when F (fishing mort.) time series is loaded. assessed normal minor
#819 Delete TS dataset removes (none)?! jeroens assessed normal minor
#642 Load forcing function from CSV assessed low feature
#760 Time series values will delete if selected jeroens assessed NOT SET major
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